Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just keep swimming!

I haven't blogged in a very long time, it seems. I wait until there is something emotionally pressing on me before I finally let it out through my fingers on to the keyboard.

I guess today I want to share a real view of what it is like to have three kids with a progressive neuromuscular disorder. Before I say ANYHING I wan it known that I love my children exactly how they are. They make me proud of their "never surrender" spirit shows through every single day. But it's only fair to them, that I am honest about their disease so that you may have a peek in to what they deal with.

There is the obvious, and the not so obvious. Let me point out the most obvious thing that is not obvious at all. They hurt. They hurt everyday. They don't whine to people they don't know, they don't tell people they hurt. But they hurt. Its so easy (even I do it sometimes) to look at all three of them and assume they are just fine. They look normal. Sure they wear AFO's on their legs...but that's no biggie..right? WRONG. Have you ever had a cast on your leg? How about a walking cast, one that lets you get around, but you cant really move your ankle, and you have to keep your foot straight out. How about trying that on both legs. Every. Single. Day. Wyatt has not gone a day without his feet/legs in this position since he was six years old. And yet...he has climbed a rock wall (out of sheer determination), he has hiked up bluffs in beautiful Minnesota, he runs, he plays, he does as much as he can...all with his legs/feet in this position.

We drive a mini-van. (exciting I know!) Why do we drive a mini-van? (obviously it is not for the "cool" factor). We drive a mini-van because it is darn right HARD for kids with AFO's to get in and out of a vehicle. Alli found this out the hard way when she had to start wearing her leg braces. A mini-van is lower to the ground, has handles to hold on to when you get in, and still has some room to maneuver a body (with two cast like irritants on their legs). Would I love a jeep, an suv, or something cool? Well sure! But right now...I would LOVE to have the doors on my minivan actually work. One door is stuck shut, and the awesome button that we used to be able to push to make the doors automatically open...yeah, that cool feature gave out a couple years ago. GET IT FIXED! Right? That's what your thinking? Well, that leads us right in to the next "not so obvious obvious thing"

Money. We are a single income family. My husband works hard. He works so hard in fact that it sometimes means he works MORE so we can have more money to try to pay for things that people have no idea we have to pay for. Obviously doctor bills, right? Correct. Pediatricians, Pediatric neurologists (remember we times all these things by three because we have three kids with this disease...not just one) Physical therapy, speech therapy, orthotics, special socks, special shoes, special inserts in those special shoes...the list goes on. NEVER ENDING. We spend over $400/mo on prescription medications just for the kids. Wyatt's meds, Alli's asthma and allergy meds, and Eli's urinary meds. Thankfully we will soon meet our deductible and that price will go down. (until next year)  This is not a disease that goes away. These bills just accumulate and accumulate. We just get caught up...and its time for another visit to someone.

Next "not so obvious, obvious thing"...

They want to play sports. They want to be on a team. They want to run without worry of breaking an ankle. They don't want to be the kid who doesn't get to jump in a bouncy house or on a trampoline. They don't want people to stare at the "things" on their legs. They want to be like your kid. But they cant. You don't see it. You don't see it because they look like a normal kid to you. Wyatt's heart breaks that he cant be on a football team. He LOVES the sport and eats, breathes, and sleeps football during the season. It breaks Paul and I's hearts that he cant be out there. As I write this, I realize this is an exceptionally emotional thing for me. He would make one heck of a football player.

I pass out IBU Profin almost every night. Wyatt takes prescription pain medicine twice a day. (Non narcotic...a medicine made just for people with nerve related pain) If he doesn't take this medicine...he doesn't walk. The pain is too overwhelming. He is 11 years old, and he has to take this twice a day, just to live a semi-normal life. Alli deals with less pain, but in a way, her lack of pain is also a concern. Her feet go numb. She looses feeling in her lower extremities at times. This can be very dangerous. If you cant feel your are at a higher risk for hurting yourself even worse than if you can feel it. Thankfully her numbness and lack of feeling comes and goes...and I pray it never goes away for good.

This brings up another thing you wouldn't know about our family. We have a counter height dining table from a second hand furniture store. I always thought they were cool and really wanted one. Now, after two years of owning one, I now know it was a stupid purchase on my part. When their feet cant reach the floor, their legs go painfully numb. The shooting, sparking, painful numbness that feels like you are walking on nails. This happens regularly at dinnertime. One kid accidentally kicks another kid because the first kid had a nerve spike and didn't feel the kick, and the other kid hurts because the kick felt like it just sent their leg into a bonfire. So, get a new table, right? Right...see "money" above.

I'm at a place right now where I realize this blog is full of complaining. I don't want it to come across that way. Im not asking for anything. I just want the "not so obvious" things to become obvious to our close friends and family. If you see my kid writing with a pen or a pencil and it just up and fly's out of their hand...they didn't throw it, and they don't want you to see what happened. Would you? If we don't invite you over for dinner, it's not because we wouldn't love your company...its because we cant afford to host a dinner party, and quite house is a mess. If you invite us to go somewhere with you and we say no, Its probably because either A. we cant afford it due to all those pending medical bills, or B. Its possibly an activity that would be something our kids should avoid.
That doesn't mean we don't want to be invited places. Our true support system lives far far away. The people who "get" this disease because they have it too...our loved ones who share that DNA...they are in Iowa, Michigan, and west Texas. They are all there...without a support system of their own as well. All of us are stuck in a land of hiatus waiting for this disease to get worse. Wondering if when they wake up tomorrow...will something in their body have changed for the worse? We don't know. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Let me just say that one more time...We NEVER know what tomorrow will bring. Obviously, we live by faith and not by sight...or this life would be unbearable.

Alli choose a life verse a couple of years ago. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenghth." Philipians 4:13. That speaks volumes of the kind of kid she is. Her most recent passion is climbing trees. Try that with leg braces. ;)

Wyatt has a deep faith in God. We used to call him our little preacher. He doesn't see himself as handicapped at all. He sees the blessings. He is logical to a fault. He sees the GOOD in life. He is super social and genuinely likes other people.

Eli is just beginning this whole CMT thing. He is working through his own social issues that have nothing to do with CMT. He is severely dyslexic and socially challenged at times. He is hoping to make a friend of his very own in the near future. That's his goal right now.

Paul is starting to feel the affects of his faulty extra chromosome as well. Due to the fact that we cant afford for him to loose his job, I wont go in to details of what he is truly silently suffering from. But I can tell you that he would take all the pain, all the hurt from all three kids on to himself if he could. He has said it many times, and I would as well. Because we love them. We love them so much, so deeply. The awesome thing about that if we love them that much...our Father in Heaven loves them even more than we do! And that, my how we keep going.

The best advice comes from a fish with short term memory loss. "Just keep swimming".

Monday, December 31, 2012

Confidence? Um...where are you?

It's the end!!!! 2012 is coming to an end tonight and we bring in a whole new one again. If you've been around my blog for a while, you already know I don't do "resolutions". However, I am looking ahead and planning on a good 2013.

But, I must be honest, dear ones. I have lost some confidence. I'm trying to regain it, it's not like loosing your shoes, I can't just easily find them hiding under my bed. (Although I did loose a pair of flip flops this past year to a very sneaky shoe thief somewhere in my house. Completely gone! How does that even happen?) but my confidence isn't under the bed, or in a couch cushion with the spare change. Not quite so easy. My confidence lies in the hands of my creator, and I know that if I just trust in Him, He will return it to me. I going to ask for it? Stay tuned.

Our pastors sermon on Sunday is still on my heart tonight. I will paraphrase what he said by applying it directly to me. Will I live what I believe, or will I let my life change how I believe? I hope that when people talk about me they feel that I live my life according to my belief in God and His word.

So, live it, Sarah! Believe in the talents and gifts He has given you. You believe in Him! Believe in yourself too! He created you!

Ok. Lets do this! God, can I have my confidence back, please? Thanks for holding on to it for me, and more importantly thank you for giving me reasons to be confidant. Help me in the new year to believe in myself and that You hand picked me for certain jobs. Thanks for 2012. Lets walk in to 2013 together and help me live the life You believe I can live. Let me walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Let me be pleasing to you in all I do.

Thanks Dude.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rollercoaster living

It's a rollercoaster. I've heard it said many times...."Life is like a rollercoaster". But I always just took it as one of those silly things people say. It's true though. You climb, climb, climb slowly...knowing that that first big drop is coming. You want it to come...that's why you got on it in the first place, but as you hear the clicking of the carts making their way to the top, you second guess yourself. Did I really want to get on this thing? Too late now! Just hang on and enjoy the ride! But here's the dont really realize that you truly enjoyed it until it is all over. Then it's like, "Phew...that's over!" or "Lets go again!" Either way, it is definitely a metaphor for life.
I'm the "Phew it's over" kind of girl. But I'm also the one that has to get on in the first place. I have to prove to myself that I can do it. I have to prove to everyone else that I'm not chicken, but when it's over and I can say I did it...then I'm done.

So how does that mimic life? Simple. I choose this rollercoaster, Im over that first big drop, (there are many more hills to climb and drops to be made) but when it is finally over...I'm gonna be in Heaven and say, "Phew. It's over! Thank you, Jesus!" I'm glad I dont believe in re-incarnation. LOL.

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of our introduction to CMT. Wyatt was diagnosed with the oddly named disease officially 5 years ago on Pearl Harbor day. That was the first big drop in the rollercoaster. Now we are hanging on for the ride! I'm so thrilled to say that he is doing better than ever, and even though Alli and Eli were both diagnosed as well, they are all doing well. However, I am a mom. I am a woman. I try not to be...but I am a worrier. I worry about just how high the next drops will be. CMT is progressive. It is not something you are diagnosed with and it gets better. Historically, it gets worse. But I have that makes it bearable. It makes me realize it's ok we are on this rollercoaster. It's a safe one. Well built. Strong. It's got a firm foundation. No matter what happens on the ride, we stand on our own firm foundation.

CMT has taught me a lot. It's given me empathy to other people with "special abilities". It's given me an opportunity to meet people who overcome everyday with grace, and strength who encourage me, and help me encourage my children. It continues to open Alli, Wyatt, and Eli's eyes to God's love for them and for others like them. I wont say that I am thankful for CMT, if I could I would get my kids off this rollercoaster. But I'm thankful for the things it has taught us. Most of all, I'm thankful for the creator of this rollercoaster life. I can just imagine when it's all over, and we get to Heaven...THE Creator will be there to give us a huge high five and a hug and say, "I was cheering for you all along!!"

I've been given an opportunity to facilitate a support group for the CMTA. We only have one support group in the whole state of Texas, and they contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting one started in our area. It's a huge undertaking. Its also a huge privilege. Pray for me to make the right decision. Bringing support in to our lives, and being able to support others is definitely a huge priority in my life. In fact, it is my whole life. I dont have CMT. But the four people I love the most do have it. I support them first, continually, never stopping. But I can do it. Because like I said, God is cheering me on. He is showing me in so many aspects of my life that He is rooting for me. I am so thankful for His support!

5 years ago, we stepped on this rollercoaster that we are still riding. We are hanging on, and so thankful for the builder...the Creator...the giver of life who is our seatbelt on this rollercoaster of life.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bloggity blog blog

It's been a while, eh? I seem to have a million thoughts swirling around inside my brain, and I can usually get them to come out easier when I use my fingers rather than my mouth, so here I am. It's funny how I find myself journaling more or blogging when life starts getting overwhelming. I often think that if I look back at old posts....they are probably all depressing because it seems I only write when I am slightly distraught. Owell. Slightly distraught seems to define me today, well, that and slightly airheaded. (I wont deny it)
There might be some things you dont know since my last blog.
1. I'm working full time now. (Technically more than full time...I currently have three jobs)
2. I lost my favorite pair of flip flops. (If you find would be a flip flop rock star in my book!)
3. Eli was diagnosed with CMT, so now all three of our children have the monster.
4. It's official...I do not like pickles. (I was on the fence for a really long time, but I finally made up my mind...I do not like them.)

So, all kidding aside, life is a little crazy right now. Medical bills and bills for leg braces, and motorized scooter, and etc...were overwhelming us. We had two options. One...Paul could quit his job and we would then qualify for disability, medicaid, ssi, welfare, etc...(we would actually have more money on hand if I worked some dinky part time job at a fast food joint and we collected state assistance...sad huh?) or TWO...I could get a for a living...and we could pay our own bills. With a lot of thought and prayer (I'm not gonna lie...option #1 was tempting) we decide to pursue option #2. I guess God agreed because He dropped a job right in my lap and I'm so very thankful!!!

Oh, The Eli thing. Yeah. Heartbreak again. People keep telling me I should write a book. I guess people like sad books. Ha ha ha. Na, in all seriousness...yes, heartbreaking...but not life shattering. It's different with each child. Each one of our kids has such a different personality, and ability to handle their situation. Eli is going through a really hard time right now, emotionally. He doesnt express himself well, he holds things in and waits till it blows him up. (I think it's a guy thing...cuz I know a guy...he may or may not be Eli's father...but probably is...who has a tendency to do the same thing) This morning Eli just, I dont know what to call it...snapped. It was like the eight year old version of a nervous breakdown. He walked to school...well he got half way there, and then turned around, ran all the way home crying his eyes out, flew in the door and ran in to my arms sobbing. I was a bit shocked. That's just not "him". At first I thought something had happened to him on the way to school, but just decided to all come out of him right then. His little life was turned upside down on Aug. 30th. CMT. I hate CMT. But that's not the only thing on his mind. He also has pretty significant urinary issues happening...and we will find out later this month if he will need surgery to repair that issue. On top of those physical aspects of his life, his dyslexia is so strangely disabling. I never knew!! I never knew dyslexia could effect your whole life in such a horrible way. For him, right now, I dont know what is worse..the diagnosis of CMT or dyslexia. He is ALWAYS confused. He doesnt understand things like, "Eli, put this cup in the cabinet over the sink." Over, under, above, below, they are all in this horrible place getting mixed up in the space between his right brain and left! In his sobbing event this morning he said, "I dont understand anything at school!" Now, let me tell you...Eli is VERY smart. He simply gets lost in the millions of directions that most people dont even think about.
So your probably wondering, "Well, what happened? Did he go to school?" (I know you are just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the next bit, right?) I will presume that you are just thrilled that I am blogging again and tell you...yes, we pulled it together, I drove him to school, and left him with a puffy red face from crying so hard in his classroom.
You have no idea how hard that was!!!!!!! I wanted to hold that child in my arms all day long. I talked to his teacher for a quick minuet to tell her he has having a hard day, then went home and cried out to God while I got ready for work.
Guess what? God heard me. Yup! I know! I am shocked every time that happens too! But it happens ALL the time! Why oh why do I get shocked when it happens? So my friend, God, he made it so that I just happened to get off work early. (I know! He has THAT much clout!..I hear He even MADE my boss!) So, a Little Ceasers hot and ready cheese pizza and I went and had lunch at school with Eli. When he saw us, (Not totally sure if it was me or the pizza he was more excited about) he beamed!
He keeps telling me how he doesnt have any friends at his new school. He talked my ear off at the visitors table in the cafeteria. He said, "I'm glad you came! I actually have someone to talk to during lunch!" Oh..that one broke my heart! But as we stood up with that famous box of $5 pizza, 3 different boys came up to Eli and said, "Whoa! Your so lucky, Eli!" I think that song by Alicia Keys, "Wait until you see me smile" yeah...I think that was written about that moment!
So if I wrote a book (which I have zero ability to do...and I'm pretty sure would bomb at the box office it a box office? sellers, right? See...that's why I cant do it...I dont even know the jargon) it really wouldnt be a sad book after all, cuz the hero in our book is God, and God is boss. (as in as in the language that teenagers use. Like phat. Do they still say that? I dont know. I'm like totally older than Moses in my kids' eyes.)
So there you have it. A blog. I feel better.
FYI, dont feel sorry for us because of this latest diagnosis. All three kids are going to kick CMT butt. You just wait and see. They are going to defy the odds. They are going to hold on to their muscles with every ounce of character they have. Atrophy shmatrophy. Ya best watch your back, CMT...the Strongs' are comin for ya!

Friday, April 27, 2012


I once had a paper to write in college listing things I heard and saw, and felt. I was only a child then. I do not have that paper, but remember the assignment well.

Right now I hear bubbles being blown in to a bathtub full of water by a sweet 8 year old boy who loves to take baths. A basketball is bouncing outside  by a 10 year old who is told can not participate in competitive sports. A little dog scratches on the back door to come inside because he hates to be away from his man/boy master. I see a messy house in front of me. A product of a house lived in by a family grateful to live in it. However I do feel overwhelmed at all that I should be doing and I dont do. The wind blows hard outside. I had never seen a palm tree, now they are the trees I live among. Now the boy in the bathtub splashes and spits. He thinks I cant hear him spit. He laughs. The windchime is playing it's song on the back patio. I always wanted windchimes and I finally got some about a month ago. The sound is calming. A tune plucked out by the Master of wind. I look around the room and see things that feel like gifts. A pair of worn boys tennis shoes. Bright and colorful socks loved by a 12 year old girl who I cherish. A clock that tells me soon my beloved will be home.

I wish I could go back and read what I wrote then. Before I knew the real gift of all the sounds and sights and feelings. Before love and before heartbreak. Before wisdom that comes with life experiences. I wish I could read what I wrote, but I do not desire to go back and feel what I felt. An emptiness would surely fill my heart. A life not yet lived. Lives not yet created. Love not yet felt.

I am human, I sometimes wonder what might have been if Adam were still alive. The scar on my heart healed but still aches at the thought of a young man taken so early. A man I loved, and was loved by in return. I wonder if he sees us. I wonder if he loves my children. I know he is happy. I imagine he plays his guitar with David and sings his favorite worship songs with the angels. "As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longeth after thee. You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship thee."

Happy birthday. Years gone by not on Earth, but in Heaven where birthdays are eternal. You are in my dreams and never far from my thoughts. Paul thanks you for loving me before he did. Our children are gifts that we cherrish.

I am no poet, but my words come from my heart. The sights and sounds are different now. A clean boy sits down to a computer. A little dog eats his crunchy dog food. A brother and sister play outside together in a rare moment of sibling love. I feel an ache in my chest, but I know this ache well. It will subside and life will move quickly again. But I will remember and move on the way I have been created to do.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Strong Shock

What this monster of a disease can do ===>
Alli's feet in a resting position
Shock is such a strange word. As the word comes out of my mouth the feeling seems to buzz my tongue. Shock. I've had quite a few shocks in my life. Some good ones, a lot of bad ones. But hindsight really is 20/20 because through all these shocks I have unhappily hiked through, I have learned even more lessons than I ever thought possible. I will be bold and assume I am in the midst of yet another life class.
I know I have written so much about Wyatt and his CMT here on this blog. I have let out my feelings. I have grieved and rejoiced with you, readers, here on this site where my fingers do the talking. Right now, I am certainly in the middle of yet another grieving process because our daughter, Alli, was diagnosed with CMT this past week.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance are commonly known as the five steps of grief. I would love to say I am at the accepting stage...but that would be a bold face lie. I think I lie somewhere in between anger and bargaining at this moment. Im mad that my little girl has to go through this, and I am trying to talk God in to making it all go away. I'll let you know when I move on to the depression state. Woo hoo...something to look forward to.
I think this is a different kind of hard for me. Alli is my girl. My only girl. Girls are different, you know? We look forward to things like Daddy/daughter dances, and prom, and of course...our wedding day. As a mom, I look forward to watching these events take place with all our kids, but if I am honest...yeah..I kinda get more excited about Alli meeting these milestones. Now, it's all...well...different. Before these things seemed so clear to me. I could imagine what she will look like at these events in the future. Now her future image is all different. Will she be in pain? Will she have defined deformation? Will she be walking at all? If I have my way...she will!!
The first day was really hard on her. A lot of crying. She knows what this disease is. She has helped with her little brother as he struggled. She has stuck up for him when other kids say things about his braces. She has also known all about how the progression of CMT works and now it is all hitting her that these things now apply to her. It's all hitting me too.
I honestly feel like I should have noticed signs of the disease earlier. I feel like a bad mom. I didnt put two and two together. It's all so obvious now. The clumsiness, the millions of toes stubbed, the crashing her bike, the skinned knees, the frustration she felt because she just couldn't do a cartwheel. She always had high arches...Why did I never look more closely at her feet? Why all of a sudden does it all make sense, and why does it have to be her? Let it be me...not her. That is the bargain I want. But apparently I have to put my trust in God and know that He knows she can handle it. I'm trying....I'm trying.
Please, dear reader, if you take anything from this poorly written blog at all....know that I blame no one. Not God, not the gene pool, not anyone. It's just life. Life happens. There is no reason to does no good. I learned that from previous life lessons. Maybe all that life learning I have done has better prepared me for this time of my life. I hope so because at this moment; every time I see her catch herself before she falls (which I never paid any attention to before...just chalked it up to being clumsy like her Mom) or when I look at her beautiful feet and think how perfect they were when she was born, and how much they have changed and the uncertainty of what they will look like in a month, a year, 5 years....I feel like breaking down in to a huge pool of tears. But I must keep it together. I must hold her when she cries, I must pick her up when she falls, I must encourage her, I must be the mom she needs. I cant let the shock sting me. I have to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry if I've been busy, blog.

Well Hello Blog! Where have you been? What's that? In my favorites bar on my browser? Oh, Im sorry, I havent noticed you in a while. I've been a little busy. I moved to Texas. I know, right? TEXAS! And not JUST Texas, SOUTH Texas. It's totally like a different land down here. Im not fluent in Spanglish and I think I sweat much easier than the majority of people down here. Oh Blog, It hasnt been easy. I know what you are are thinking, "But Sarah, I've been right here waiting for you to type, ready to hear your thoughts and share them with whoever reads me...but alas, you have ignored me!" And to that I say, "Stop talking to ME, Mr. Blogger/Strong of are freakin me out!"
Ok, so I dont really talk to my blog like that. At least not out loud anyway. But it's true, this has not been easy. Did I think it would be? Um...kind of. I mean I guess I thought as long as Im with Paul and the kids it will all be ok. Dont get me wrong, it is all ok, its just so different. So much harder than I anticipated.
Schools are different down here. Way different. Back in MN I had the ability to go to the school whenever I wanted. Well, here...Im not really privy to the classroom like I was up there.
Everyone has struggled in some way. Paul's been waiting for his new work truck for a month and a half, and since we traded our 2 cars in for 1 minivan to come to Texas, he takes that 1 minivan to work everyday leaving me at home with no transportation. I know I am complaining, but really it's been hard on him too. He's ready to get on with work.
Alli had a fairly serious asthma attack that ended up in the E.R. I hate asthma. The poor girl has lived with it since she was 18 months old! The amount of steroids in that girls body should make her look like a weight lifter! But no...she doesnt. In fact she is finding that the girls down here are much more "advanced" if you know what I mean.
Wyatt...Oh Wyatt. He has lost a little of his confidence, I wont lie. Physically, he is doing great. Running more, being more mobile, playing basketball outside...the heat really makes his muscles hurt less...but emotionally this has been rough. One word. Shorts. It never used to bother him when he wore shorts and people could see his braces...and it doesnt really BOTHER him now, it's just the dumb questions that kids ask him that bother him about wearing shorts that show his AFO's. He is constantly being asked about them. Oddly enough, his friends in MN didnt really care, or they thought his leg braces were cool....but he's kinda having a harder time making friends here and part of it is that he hates dumb questions. "What are those things?" "Why do you have to wear them?" "So you cant run?" "Why do they look like that?" and his very favorite one to hate, "So, without those things you cant walk?" It makes me want to follow him everywhere and explain it to everyone for him, but I cant do that. I asked him, "So, what do you tell them?" His answer was, "I say, I have a disease, you cant catch it, it messes with my muscles." then he explained if the questions go beyond that, he walks away. He just doesnt want to explain it any further than that. I dont guess I blame him.
So how's Eli, you ask. Well, thanks for asking! He is a toad murderer. *I will slightly chuckle to myself on that one* Let me explain. There are toads and lizards and bugs galore down here. So one particular day after a nice storm passed through (which rarely happens here) toads were everywhere. Big ones and little ones...yeah, I questioned if there was some sort of biblical plague happening, but no...just Texas toads. So while Wyatt was exploring the toad situation. Following them, investigating the way they hop, thinking they were the coolest species sweet Eli and another boy decide to poke one with a stick. Well, the stick poke had a little too much force to it and, well, killed the toad. Granted Eli was not the one actually holding the stick, but he was part of the plan to poke the toad. So, Wyatt deemed him a "toad murderer" in front of all the kids within a 10 mile earshot. This immediately led to a "Im no toad murderer" punch to the gut, and a 'run to mom' for both of the boys in tears. Eli felt very guilty for being a part in the illeged toad killing, and Wyatt felt...well, pain in his gut.
Oh, the joys of having boys!
So, as I typed this, the school nurse called to tell me that Alli has a fever and chills and needs to come home. Yes, I have no transportation. Yes, Paul is in a meeting, so yes, the kind school nurse has brought her home. I had better take my "blogging" hat off and replace it with my "nurse" one.
I will try to remember you are still in my browser favs, blog. But dont hold your breath or anything.