Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry if I've been busy, blog.

Well Hello Blog! Where have you been? What's that? In my favorites bar on my browser? Oh, Im sorry, I havent noticed you in a while. I've been a little busy. I moved to Texas. I know, right? TEXAS! And not JUST Texas, SOUTH Texas. It's totally like a different land down here. Im not fluent in Spanglish and I think I sweat much easier than the majority of people down here. Oh Blog, It hasnt been easy. I know what you are thinking...you are thinking, "But Sarah, I've been right here waiting for you to type, ready to hear your thoughts and share them with whoever reads me...but alas, you have ignored me!" And to that I say, "Stop talking to ME, Mr. Blogger/Strong of heart..you are freakin me out!"
Ok, so I dont really talk to my blog like that. At least not out loud anyway. But it's true, this has not been easy. Did I think it would be? Um...kind of. I mean I guess I thought as long as Im with Paul and the kids it will all be ok. Dont get me wrong, it is all ok, its just so different. So much harder than I anticipated.
Schools are different down here. Way different. Back in MN I had the ability to go to the school whenever I wanted. Well, here...Im not really privy to the classroom like I was up there.
Everyone has struggled in some way. Paul's been waiting for his new work truck for a month and a half, and since we traded our 2 cars in for 1 minivan to come to Texas, he takes that 1 minivan to work everyday leaving me at home with no transportation. I know I am complaining, but really it's been hard on him too. He's ready to get on with work.
Alli had a fairly serious asthma attack that ended up in the E.R. I hate asthma. The poor girl has lived with it since she was 18 months old! The amount of steroids in that girls body should make her look like a weight lifter! But no...she doesnt. In fact she is finding that the girls down here are much more "advanced" if you know what I mean.
Wyatt...Oh Wyatt. He has lost a little of his confidence, I wont lie. Physically, he is doing great. Running more, being more mobile, playing basketball outside...the heat really makes his muscles hurt less...but emotionally this has been rough. One word. Shorts. It never used to bother him when he wore shorts and people could see his braces...and it doesnt really BOTHER him now, it's just the dumb questions that kids ask him that bother him about wearing shorts that show his AFO's. He is constantly being asked about them. Oddly enough, his friends in MN didnt really care, or they thought his leg braces were cool....but he's kinda having a harder time making friends here and part of it is that he hates dumb questions. "What are those things?" "Why do you have to wear them?" "So you cant run?" "Why do they look like that?" and his very favorite one to hate, "So, without those things you cant walk?" It makes me want to follow him everywhere and explain it to everyone for him, but I cant do that. I asked him, "So, what do you tell them?" His answer was, "I say, I have a disease, you cant catch it, it messes with my muscles." then he explained if the questions go beyond that, he walks away. He just doesnt want to explain it any further than that. I dont guess I blame him.
So how's Eli, you ask. Well, thanks for asking! He is a toad murderer. *I will slightly chuckle to myself on that one* Let me explain. There are toads and lizards and bugs galore down here. So one particular day after a nice storm passed through (which rarely happens here) toads were everywhere. Big ones and little ones...yeah, I questioned if there was some sort of biblical plague happening, but no...just Texas toads. So while Wyatt was exploring the toad situation. Following them, investigating the way they hop, thinking they were the coolest species alive...my sweet Eli and another boy decide to poke one with a stick. Well, the stick poke had a little too much force to it and, well, killed the toad. Granted Eli was not the one actually holding the stick, but he was part of the plan to poke the toad. So, Wyatt deemed him a "toad murderer" in front of all the kids within a 10 mile earshot. This immediately led to a "Im no toad murderer" punch to the gut, and a 'run to mom' for both of the boys in tears. Eli felt very guilty for being a part in the illeged toad killing, and Wyatt felt...well, pain in his gut.
Oh, the joys of having boys!
So, as I typed this, the school nurse called to tell me that Alli has a fever and chills and needs to come home. Yes, I have no transportation. Yes, Paul is in a meeting, so yes, the kind school nurse has brought her home. I had better take my "blogging" hat off and replace it with my "nurse" one.
I will try to remember you are still in my browser favs, blog. But dont hold your breath or anything.


sarah979c said...

I hope Wyatt learns to adjust and I hope the other kids realize he's a great kid- with or without those things on his legs!
Boys are great- and I can picture Christopher doing that in a few years!
I hope Ali feels better!
And, lastly, I pray the company comes through with it's promises and delivers the truck to Paul, so you can get around!

Whitney W. said...

Ahh! Silly Texan children. (haha) I don't remember adjusting to new schools being that hard. Kids these days... ;)
Gosh, I wish I also could just swoop in and help em. But, I will pray that things get better for all of you.
(Also, it didn't sound like you were complaining, to me.) Love ya!

Sue Flaska said...

Ah Sarah, my sweet sweet Sarah. I hope you can continue to blog your sorrows away. Not that I should talk, I haven't blogged in ages.

Anyway, I wish I had a wand. I wish I had a magic lamp. I wish I had a million dollars. I wish I wish I wish. I would settle for even just one of those items mentioned above, all to make your woes go away. It's daily that we think of you guys and miss you. Daily. No exaggeration. We are still trying to figure out how we can make a trip out there to that strange country. Don't give up hope on us! I'm glad to see that you got a furry friend...and one of my favorite breeds to boot! Keep your chin held high and know that there are a lot of us out there rooting for you guys!

Christa Cannon said...

Keep truckin'! It's tough to break into a new community, no matter how old you are.

I'm sure most of the kids don't mean to be rude to Wyatt...you know how kids are. They're super-curious about anything different, and trust me...Texans don't get a whole lot of Different very often. He'll have to be patient a little while longer, until the newness wears off and they see him as one of their own.

Keep blogging!!! (I should take my own advice.) We're here for you. <3

Christy said...

I remember breaking into new schools was hard. Kids can be curious and it can come across kinda mean, especially when it's something you're tired of dealing with or a little sensitive about. :( Have you possibly asked the teacher if you could come in and share about CMT? Only if Wyatt would want, but I know that I as a teacher would have gladly welcomed that. And I would have bought some wrist bands for the kids.... Just a suggestion.

I wish we were closer than 10 hours away. I was going to ask you if you possibly wanted to come to camp with us? (have I asked you this already?) You could bring everybody - Malcolm's probably coming too, so the boys could be in his cabin. It's not a huge amount of kids and .... well, I need to call you about it if you're interested. It would be good for you, too, 'cause you'd get to see me. :) :) :)
Have y'all found a church home yet?

megan_andafer said...

I'm glad you write here. I love you. :)